SoCal's own BBQ Sauce since 1949!

A tradition for over 65 years, this is SoCal’s Barbecue Sauce evolved. Chris’ & Pitt’s is as synonymous with a beach side hot pit BBQ as it is capturing the distinctive air of a SoCal tailgate party.

Truly the best in the west… Since 1949.


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Golden State Organic BBQ

Flavor is an ever-changing variable that can be influenced by emerging global cuisines and evolving consumer preferences. The popularity of better-for-you foods among U.S. consumers has been on the upswing over the past few years. Now, more than ever, Americans are making healthier choices in their food preferences, opening the door for the newest Chris & Pitts product Golden State BBQ Sauce! From the bold rich color and smooth texture, this sauce pleases even the pickiest of pallets.

Pop of Pineapple Organic BBQ

Now you can enjoy a piece of the tropics in your own backyard with Chris & Pitt’s newest good-for-you flavor Pop of Pineapple BBQ Sauce! Whether you marinate your favorite protein, use as a dipping sauce for the kid’s dinner, or apply liberally to just about anything on the open flame- this is sure to be your next go-to sauce. It’s a condiment, flavor enhancer, BBQ sauce, and one way trip to paradise- all bottled together in recyclable glass bottle
























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